Olympics 2012 Designer Uniforms: Salvatore Ferragamo for San Marino


[tiImage width=”340″ height=”450″ url=”http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/images/2012/WRN/072012-ferragamo-olympics-lead-340.jpg” credit=”Courtesy of Photo” align=”left” border=”0″ alt=”2012 Olympics, Salvatore Ferragamo”]

The London Olympic Games are shaping up to be the most fashionable ones yet! Team USA has Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney  designed for Great Britain’s squad, and Giorgio Armani created Italy’s sportswear. Now, Salvatore Ferragamo is adding another dose of style to Olympic Village by outfitting San Marino’s athletes in white cotton trousers, classic trench coats, sleek suits, silk crepe dresses, bow-topped pumps, and updated versions of the label’s Sofia bag. What a golden moment for fashion-meets-sports! Get a closer look at each country’s uniforms in the gallery.

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Redy Roc Reds in “Ladies First” 414 W 145 ST

Redy Roc Reds in "Ladies First"

Reds Does it again!! …..This time at the YES Gallery

“Get Up” group show opening Friday June 29th 6-11 pm featuring works by….

Coming Soon ….. Bridgeport Arts Fest

Ladies First !! All Female International Graffiti Show in Harlem


Lewy BTM smashed the Brooklyn Bridge harder than ever before. This is one of the most legendary spots in the history of graffiti. It was first painted by Smith and Sane, who were famously wanted by the FBI for vandalizing a National Landmark (as told in The Art of Getting Over by Stephen Powers.) Though Lewy’s handiwork isn’t quite as polished as Sace and Year’s straight letters on the same spot, there is no doubt he hit it harder than ever before crushing three back-to-back-to-back solid fill-ins single handedly across the Manhattan Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge. Fucking beast!


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Again and again Redy Roc Reds on 12oz ….TCS

Front cover on 12ozProphet … Redy Roc Reds

Redsy IN



Photographer extraordinaire Ricky Powell raps with DJ TJ Mizell–the son of fallen hip hop hero and DJ Jam Master J of Run DMC. The apple doesn’t fall farm from the tree.